Distributor Opportunities

RainAG partners with distributors and manufacturers to license our patent pending Rain Technology.  Over a million acres are currently using Rain Technology with tremendous results.  Higher grade crops, increased yields with both Farmer and Distributor enjoying higher profits.  The conversion to Rain Technology has been quick and effective.  Our team of agronomist and Ag specialists will be glad to assist you in learning more about this opportunity.

Here are some of our most popular liquid products:
  • High-Efficiency Phosphorus Starters
  • Humic Acid
  • High-Efficiency Calcium
  • Carbon Amino Base
  • NPK Blends
  • Micronutrients—9% Zn, 9% Mn, 5% Fe, 5% Cu, 3.5% Mg, 1% Mo, and various blends
  • Rain Technology™ – Supersaturate your fertilizer blends, irrigation water and specialty products with oxygen.

Clean High Efficient Formulations

Unlike traditional EDTA formulations, All of our products are designed to have as close to zero waste as possible.  They are clean, super efficient and provide measurable results in the field.   Let us help you improve your existing formulations while increasing profits.

Liquid Fertilizers

RainAG can create fertilizer amendments in any blend you choose. We partner with distributors to create private-label and branded liquid fertilizers. Our innovative technologies—including our patent-pending Rain Technology™, Particle Shield™, proprietary formulas, and chelation agents—and state-of-the-art processes that surpass those commonly used in the fertilizer manufacturing industry boost the efficacy of your fertilizer.

Granular Fertilizer

Rain Technology can be combined with our carbon/amino acids and micronutrients to sparge onto granular fertilizer.  Field trials have significantly outperformed traditional products.  Our process also significantly reduces the amount of dust normally associated with the transfer of granular fertilizer.

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