Our team of farmers, agronomist, formulators, chemist and engineers work together to create innovative solutions that impact the world in a positive way.  We strive to create environmentally efficient products and technologies that result in positive sustainable organic outcome.  Less load on the soil.  Increased nutrient uptake. Less nutrient run off.  Healthier crops.  Nutrient rich produce. And yes, higher yields and more profit to the farmers.


We make your products better.

RainAG partners with manufacturers and distributors to license, develop, and manufacture superior fertilizer products and technologies. Our amazing proprietary technologies and formulas enable our partners to improve their existing products and processes, helping them custom design products to better meet their clients’ unique needs. The technologies we use to make your private label fertilizer are the same ones we use to make our line of quality products.

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Rooted in Science. Proven in the Field.