Rooted in Science. Proven in the Field.

Our passion to create a cleaner healthier environment has resulted in many advances in traditional farming.   Instead of using gallons we use pints.  Our products are extremely clean and efficient.  They mix better and require lower use rates in order to get deficient nutrients absorbed into the plant and root system.

The backbone of our innovations starts with Rain Technology™.

Rain Technology™ is a chemical free method to transform your products used in farming.  This nanotechnology opens a pathway directly into the tissue and root system.  The increase in dissolved oxygen stimulates the biology and pulls in nutrients to quickly impact the health and growth stages of all crops.  Rain Technology can be used with your standard fertilizer or with any of your specialty blends that are your growers standards, offering significantly better results without changing the blend.
Rain Technology can also be used to super saturate your micronutrients, chelates, carbon/amino acid products as well.  The result is cleaner formulations, better mixing and lower use rates.

Licensed Distributors

RainAG works with the largest regional fertilizer companies in the US to provide a low cost method to significantly increase standard fertilizer performance.  Our licensed distributors are thrilled by the results but even more pleased to increase fertilizer profit margins. 

Ask us about how simple it is to become a licensed distributor.